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Physical Therapy

We specialize in providing care for outpatient orthopedic and TMD patients, and offer specific therapeutic programing for patients with osteoporosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. We utilize a hands-on approach with joint and soft tissue mobilization paired with posture and body mechanics correction, strength and conditioning, and functional breathing exercises. Whether the patient requires pre-operation exercise or post-operation rehabilitation, Vibrance Physical Therapy and Wellness provides patient education/home programs and return to sport rehabilitation for athletes.

Click here to download our physician referral form or contact us at (503) 991-5223 to receive a referral form pad from our office.

Functional Nutrition Counseling

Many individuals recognize optimal health as a path to a more fulfilling life and seek the knowledge necessary to effectively apply nutrition to their daily lives. Because we understand that individuals have different body chemistries conditional to their genetics, medical history, and lifestyle factors, we utilize integrative and functional nutrition strategies to address inflammatory practices and encourage habits that promote health and homeostasis.

Infrared Sauna

New to our clinic is the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna! By directly heating the body rather than just the surrounding air, the infrared sauna stimulates a fat sweat at more comfortable, low temperatures (between 105-130 degrees Fahrenheit) as opposed to the water sweat encouraged by more traditional higher temperature saunas. Click here to learn more about our sauna and the many benefits of infrared sauna use.